The past two decades have witnessed rapid advances in diabetes care. Discoveries in basic science have greatly enhanced the understanding of both the pathophysiology and the attendant complications of diabetes. At the same time a wide range of new anti-diabetic medications have been developed and clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy as well as the cardiovascular safety and benefits of a number of these agents. Additional basic and clinical research is underway and it is anticipated that in the near future, new treatment options will become available.

These recent medical advances have been accompanied by a greater appreciation of the need to individualize treatment regimens and, as such, personalized medical treatment for diabetes has become a hallmark of the clinical guidelines of all the major professional diabetes organizations.

The ever increasing knowledge base required to personalize diabetes treatment has resulted in a significant challenge to the general practitioner.

We have developed an electronic medical diabetes decision support system designed to assist the primary care physician in arriving at the most appropriate, individualized, treatment regimen. The computerized support system incorporates the clinical and biochemical parameters of each patient and provides a personalized treatment recommendation utilizing an algorithm based on the vast clinical experience of a senior diabetes consultant and the computer expertise of a seasoned software engineer.

The decision support system is user friendly and continuously updated. Physicians will find that in conjunction with their own clinical judgement and familiarity with the patient, that this computerized tool will provide indispensable guidance in helping them tailor the treatment most appropriate for each of their patients with diabetes.

Created by: Josef Cohen MD. & Shlomo Bracha SWE